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Your Job Isn’t Supposed To Make You Happy


Whenever I spend more than 2 weeks in a country, I make it a point to befriend the locals and assimilate as much as possible into the culture.

I do this not just because I find people to be mostly good and kind, but also because I like to understand how people in different cultures think.

What Does Your Culture Value?

One thing I’ve learned, is that what people value depends largely on the culture they grew up in.

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In many parts of China for example, wealth and social status is a big deal. For many urban Chinese, there is no such thing as having enough money. Kids are taught from a young age to study hard (and I mean, really hard), get good grades, get a respectable job, and make lots of money. The more cars and houses one owns, the better.

In Thailand however, things are a little different. The Thais generally prefer a more relaxed and peaceful way of life. They like to joke around and don’t take life too seriously. That’s probably why I like spending so much time in the Land of Smiles.

This said, despite the many cultural differences, I find that most people around the world have one major thing in common…

Most People Have One Major Thing In Common

In my travels, I’ve made friends with teachers, DJ’s, cooks, engineers, doctors, lawyers, business owners, bankers, programmers, and more.

And the one thing most of them have in common, is a dissatisfaction with their day job.

They’re typically frustrated with their boss or colleagues, the salary, long working hours, or the lack of career progression.

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In our conversations, many have privately confessed that they are just waiting for the last straw to finally get the guts to quit.

The Purpose Of Your Job

Now here’s something to consider: Why should anyone be happy with their day job?

It may seem obvious, but people tend to forget that a job exists primarily for the benefit of the company’s owners, not the worker.

Being unsatisfied with your job is thus like being unsatisfied with an apple tree for not producing oranges… you are expecting something out of a system that it’s not designed to provide.

If you have a regular job, it is you who are expected to make the business owner happy, by producing good work and accepting a salary lower than your worth to the company.

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How satisfied you are with your job is not nearly as important as how satisfied your company is with you.

Is The World Fair?

As a young adult, I quickly came to learn that the world is an inherently unfair place.

For example, if you were born into a low income family, the career opportunities you’ll get will be dramatically inferior than that of someone born to wealthy parents.

Likewise, in many countries, your ethnicity and education level will dictate how far you can go in your career, regardless of your actual capability.

Even if you produce better results at work, a more outspoken but less capable colleague might get picked over you for a promotion.

That’s just “the way things are”, isn’t it?

As much as we want to believe in fairness, the reality is that wealth and success in the corporate world is often not bestowed upon those who deserve it.

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A Career In Which Capability Is All That Matters

So why do I love Forex trading?

Because trading doesn’t care about my age, where I was born, or the color of my skin.

It doesn’t care what language I speak, who my parents are, or which school I went to.

I can be a straight-A student or a high school dropout, and it wouldn’t matter.

All trading cares about, is whether I can make the right decisions.

The better my decisions, the better my performance and the more money I make.

And if I lose money… well, there’s only one person to blame. There’s only one factor that determines my success: me.

For some people, this might be an intimidating idea. But for me, it’s incredibly liberating.

As a trader, I don’t have to worry about office politics, unreasonable clients, or a fickle-tempered boss. My time and energy can be better invested in improving my trading operation and education.

How well I do in this business is entirely dependent on me, not anyone else… and that’s just the way I like it.


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