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What is Sustainable Business?

What is Sustainable Business?: They are businesses that maintain a balance between social, economic and environmental aspects, i.e., they seek to generate positive impacts on the environment, while prioritizing ethics and generating benefits for society, and are economically profitable.

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What is Sustainable Business?

We work to improve the way business is done in Peru by helping companies develop sustainable models that generate benefits for people and nature.

At Conservation International, we are convinced that people living in the most biologically and culturally diverse places, such as the Peruvian Amazon, can strengthen their resilience to climate change, improve their livelihoods and food security, while conserving the natural systems that allow them to thrive. That is why we work with communities, companies, organizations and governments to generate sustainable business opportunities that generate wellbeing for people and positive impacts for the environment.

They are businesses that maintain a balance between social, economic and environmental aspects, that is, they seek to generate positive impacts on the environment, while prioritizing ethics and generating benefits to society, and are economically profitable.

Agroforestry Systems

These are systems that combine forest with plantations, for example, cocoa or coffee. Conservation International has been working with communities and cooperatives to improve productive practices in different value chains, improving the quality of life of people committed to sustainable development.

Reducing deforestation

Keeping the forest standing is increasingly profitable. Mechanisms such as Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (known as REDD+) are providing new opportunities for conservation. At Conservation International, together with Disney, we are promoting one of the first REDD+ projects in Peru, focused on the conservation of the Alto Mayo Protected Forest and its areas of influence.

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Ecosystem restoration

More and more companies see the importance and the need to get involved in improving degraded ecosystems through the recovery of forest cover. At Conservation International we work with companies to promote investments that allow the recovery of services provided by forests through restoration, reforestation and ecosystem recovery.

Other forest products

The experience of the Nuwas teas, an enterprise led by the Awajún women of the Shampuyacu community in San Martin, is a perfect example of how to combine the recovery of ancestral activities and products, the development of entrepreneurial skills and the empowerment of women in a sustainable and successful business.

Sustainable business for people and nature

We are working to promote sustainable business in the Peruvian Amazon. Together with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Government of Canada, corporate partners and civil society organizations, we seek to facilitate the conditions that enable green economic growth: from strengthening small enterprises linked to bio- and eco-businesses, to large impact investments to restore ecosystems.

Our main objective is to develop a platform that articulates the efforts of regional governments, companies and organizations to incorporate conservation, sustainability, gender and intercultural approaches into strategies and business models.

Coffee needs people and nature. Discover how the Sustainable Coffee Challenge is changing the lives of producers and making the coffee you drink in the morning better.
The coffee we drink depends on the health, prosperity and well-being of 25 million coffee farmers and the nature that sustains it.

The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is an initiative of Conservation International and Starbucks to collaborate with companies, governments, research centers and organizations to make the coffee sector sustainable. We are working to increase transparency, develop a common vision of sustainability, and collaborate to accelerate progress toward these goals.

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