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What is CRM Software?

What is CRM Software?: Customer Relationship Management? A CRM is a digital tool that companies use to manage all their relationships with leads and current customers.

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What is CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a software that manages your entire customer database and the different sales, marketing or project processes of your company.

  • CRM for Selling: CRM allows you to manage all your leads and follow them perfectly in the sales funnel.
  • CRM to Measure: CRM is a powerful tool to know how we are going to measure results and see statistics.
  • CRM to Innovate: All the functions that CRM brings allow us to have more optimal processes, innovate and stay ahead of the curve.
  • CRM to Automate: Removing tedious day-to-day work is something that CRM allows us to do.
  • CRM to Integrate: CRM is the perfect tool today to connect with other tools and processes, it is the heart of the data.
  • CRM to Store: CRM is the best way not to lose data, not to lose leads, not to lose anything that happens. It is the database of your business.

Do you receive messages through different channels and don't have management indicators? "What can't be measured, can't be improved".

A CRM allows you to organize the communications that come to you from different platforms, where you can unify and automate all channels and view them from any mobile.

  • Respond to all requests: Visualize your leas in the sales funnel, keep a unified history of all conversations, statistics and analytics panel, add tasks and calendar, schedule your chatbot. You can have statistics of all the steps.
  • Centralize communication: From multiple channels to manage prospecting in one place so that not a single lead is lost.
  • Improve customer experience: optimize the internal processes of customer service in the company, giving the right follow-up to prospects and customers without missing any detail.
  • Tag your users: To keep your prospects and customers perfectly segmented according to the stage of your sales funnel they are in, you can generate automated notifications, among others.
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Using CRM is the best way to grow in an organized way in your company. In Boosty we will help you choose the best CRM that suits your business needs, connecting it with the necessary tools so you can increase your prospecting.

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CRM Features

On-premises CRMs are installed on your servers or computer, they are custom-made CRMs that accomplish specific tasks, with the disadvantage that they will not be updated over time and are likely to become obsolete over time. The implementation costs of local CRMs are high.

  1. Manage your sales processes in the CRM.
  2. Build funnels by services in the CRM.
  3. Upload follow-ups by prospects in the CRM.
  4. Create interest lists in the CRM.
  5. Connect your email to the CRM.
  6. Respond to emails in the CRM.

Cloud CRM solutions are off-the-shelf software that are designed to be used out of the box and upload all of your company's data. Cloud CRMs stay on the cutting edge of updates through monthly or yearly subscriptions.


Ultimately, they are your best friend in organizing your business processes and driving sustained growth. And now with the new options to integrate all communication channels in it.

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