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viernes, septiembre 29, 2023

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The Nemesis Unveils NEMS Token: Driving Gaming’s Next Frontier



NEMS token is coming soon and will allow players to cash out and earn real money through a special Play-and-Earn model.

The Nemesis, a Metaverse company with a unique hybrid model that seamlessly unites Web2 and Web3, first in the Top 20 Web3 Virtual Worlds by Metaversed, is excited to announce the launch of the long-awaited ERC-20 payment token.

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Set to launch on May 8th, 2023 with the Launchpad on Coinbar, the NEMS token will be restricted to Holders of The Nemesis NFTs (Companions, RC-NITRO and Lands): all addresses owning at least one NFT will be able to buy NEMS at 0,15$ per token. The NEMS official presentation will be held on the stage of the Blockchain Week Rome on May 10th, 2023 together with the Launchpad on Cryptosmart, with unrestricted access and a minimum purchase amount of 200$.

The Public Sale will take place in the following weeks on Uniswap and BTCEX at 0,20$ per token and will then be listed on BingX and BitMart.

Alessandro De Grandi, CEO and Founder of The Nemesis stated:

“This is a significant milestone that marks the official start of a new era of evolution for our company. Our innovative Play-and-Earn model will allow users to earn real money while having fun and actively participating in an involving gaming experience that, at the same time, becomes a real earning opportunity within the Metaverse”. 

The Nemesis offers a stimulating and innovative gaming experience accessible to anyone thanks to the extreme ease of use (easy access with a url link via desktop browser or iOS/Android mobile app). Owing to the platform’s Circular Economy system, players will be able to spend their time obtaining cards and COINS, the in-game currency used to purchase different virtual assets to customize their experience but also to cash out through the new token. 

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The NEMS will also allow users to buy Land NFTs, virtual real estate plots on which it will be possible to build custom Metaverses. Currently on Presale for Companions Holders, Lands will be available on Public Sale from May 22nd and, on the same day, Miners on Lands will be revealed. Miners are special attributes of Lands, through which users can generate COINS to be converted into NEMS. COINS and cards boost the level of in-game assets and allow users to gain further major benefits, with the aim to let them enjoy a more advantageous Play-and-Earn experience.  

All details on the token launch on the official website

About The Nemesis

The Nemesis is reimagining the web through its next-generation Metaverse offering; a place without borders where virtual and real-world encounters merge together to form an experience unlike any other. The project was built to catalyze the mass adoption of Web3 by leveraging the utility of Web2 to seamlessly onboard users from any background or interest to enjoy what they like in the Metaverse. Relevant investors, Brands and influencers (Consensys, Polygon, LandVault, Skoda by Volkswagen, Arnette by Luxottica.. and many more) choose the platform to increase the community engagement through fun gameplays, challenges and live events set in new and surprising high-quality Metaverses.



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Company: The Nemesis

Country: Switzerland

Referent: Roberta Arsuffi

Role: CEO Office The Nemesis

Mob: +39 3270620860

Email: [email protected]



Alessandro De Grandi, CEO & Founder @ The Nemesis

LinkedIn profile: 




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Android app download: 

IOS app download: 



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