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Shortlisting B-Schools : The B-School Application


vikrantkumar wrote:

Hello guys,
I’m having trouble trying to shortlist schools and would really appreciate some suggestions. I’m mainly looking for a US school, ideally ranked within the top 30. I’m not incredibly well off financially so chances of a scholarship would be a key factor.

My profile is:
– Graduated from Delhi Technological University (2018) – Top 10 Engineering College in India (Mechanical Engineering)
– Masters in Data Science from ESSEC Business School, Paris (2021) – Ranked 4th in Business Analytics Globally
– 3 Years experience with Big 4 Strategy Consulting
– 2 Years experience as a Data Analyst for a Fin Tech start up in Paris (currently still with the firm)
– 750 GMAT (Q49 V42) (although an old score – 2019)

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Let me know what you guys think, any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Hi vikrantkumar hope this finds you well

Your profile is indeed impressive, especially with a solid GMAT score of 750 (hope you can replicate that), and you’re to be commended for taking a pragmatic approach by considering a wide range of top-30 schools to maximize your chances of winning a scholarship.

Choosing the right schools requires careful consideration of the 4Cs: career perspective, class size, culture, and curriculum.

First, create a list of business schools that have strong ties to companies and industries that align with your career goals (which you didn’t name). Consider factors such as location, class size, culture, values, and specific areas of study. It’s important to get a sense of the college’s culture and see if you fit in with the cohort. Hasty research may result in a substandard application that doesn’t explain your motivation to join a particular school. The most successful applicants understand each business school’s offerings very well and can clearly relate them to their own goals.

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Look closely at the MBA curriculum of each school you’re considering and pay attention to the courses and electives that align with your goals. Also pay attention to the school’s reputation, average GMAT/GRE score for the cohort, and rankings from reputable organizations such as U.S. News & World Report or Financial Times.

As a starting point, you can refer to U.S. News & World Report’s MBA rankings, which offer valuable insights into the best US graduate business schools: … a-rankings

In the 15-30 range, you may have a better chance of winning a hefty scholarship, but it’s important to research thoroughly and consider the above factors when making your final target list. You may also include 1-2 aspirational schools from Top 15 (because, why not!). Applying to 5-6 schools spread across R1 and R2 would be ideal. That gives you ample time to research, network and prepare your application.

If you’d like to have a candid conversation or seek further advice, please feel free to contact.

Aanchal Sahni (INSEAD alum, ex admissions interviewer)
LinkedIn |WEBSITE: | Message: +91 9971200927| email-

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