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Savings and Credit Businesses

Savings and Loan Businesses: Agreement seeks to promote eco- and bio-businesses incorporating sustainability and conservation approaches in the regional economy.

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Savings and Credit Businesses

Conservation International and the Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Credit Banks (FEPCMAC), signed an agreement with the aim of contributing to the transition of economic agents in Amazon regions, towards an economy that promotes sustainable, low-carbon investments and with a view to contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals.

This agreement seeks to promote, through economic activity, the sustainable management of natural resources, environmental services and the conservation of biological diversity in the regions of Amazonas, Loreto, San Martin, Ucayali, Madre de Dios, Huanuco and Pasco.

The signing of this agreement is part of the Business Alliance for the Amazon, a platform promoted by the United States Agency for International Development USAID.

Government of Canada and Conservation International to promote economic development based on the sustainable use of natural resources to improve the quality of life of Amazonian communities that conserve standing forests and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

To this end, the Business Alliance for the Amazon supports different ventures and works with local and indigenous communities, investors, public officials, corporate partners and civil society organizations to create the necessary conditions for green investments to grow, based on intercultural, gender and rights approaches.

Through this signature, both organizations will coordinate efforts to provide technical advice to the different Regional Government agencies in the aforementioned regions, in order to strengthen capacities in environmental matters and promote spaces for coordination and public-private alignment for the promotion and facilitation of investments in eco and bio-businesses.

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This will contribute to the development of strategies and actions that promote private investment in sustainable business impact, as well as its articulation with public investments prioritized in the Amazon regions.

Conservation International is an international non-profit organization focused on protecting nature for the benefit of humanity. Founded in 1987, it currently has offices in 30 countries and develops projects in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Through science, policy, field work and funding, it supports the protection of nature's most important places for climate, biodiversity and people.

In Peru, it has been working since 1989 to conserve and promote the sustainable development of the Peruvian Amazon. Conservation International partners with indigenous peoples, local communities, governments, businesses, and civil society to help people and nature thrive together.

The Peruvian Federation of Municipal Savings and Loan Associations (FEPCMAC) is made up of 11 Municipal Savings and Loan Associations (CMACs) that operate throughout the country in a decentralized manner.

The Federation represents the CMAC System as a valid facilitator in the various coordinations with public and private, national and international organizations that support the economic and financial development of the CMAC system.

Therefore, FEPCMAC seeks to represent the unity of the CMACs and promotes the generation of economies of scale through joint projects for the development of new financial products and services as well as the efficient administration of resources.

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