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How many bases does CRM have?

How many bases does CRM have? CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, and basically, a CRM is a customer relationship management solution, oriented to manage three basic areas in the company: Marketing. Sales. Services or after-sales.

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How many bases does CRM have?

For this reason, we have not hesitated to explain everything that must be taken into account when choosing a CRM. Since the own learning and use will indicate us in which modules we need to expand functionality.

It must be simple: In different companies we generally work under pressure and with established times, and your work team must adapt to the new tool, so we always recommend avoiding choosing a CRM that is too complex or oversizing the initial needs.

It must allow high segmentations and filters

Do not forget that your contacts have a multitude of variables with which you must be able to work, segment and categorize. In addition to the reports that you must demand from the start, to be able to exploit the data you need to analyze them, and to analyze them you must be able to access the structured information in real time.

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You must provide detailed reports

Finally, you should analyze whether the CRM you have in mind to choose provides customized and real-time activity metrics. It is a very efficient option for any company because it will allow you at any time to access dynamic OLAP cubes and KPIs of complex processes with structured information for their exploitation.

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You must have technical and management support

When you have chosen your CRM, you must make sure that your supplier has a qualified and accessible team that performs quality control on the performance of the system, and can offer you consulting support on any expansion or improvement. The support of a specialist is a real added value.

At ActionsDATA we are developers, experts in information processing, management and communication. We have more than 17 years of experience providing marketing services and we can assure you that the best way to reach customers is still through a good experience.

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