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Business Transformation Approach

Business Transformation Approach: When we think about the viability of sustainable businesses we tend to consider two important aspects, financial profitability and environmental impact, but they are not the only ones. H

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Business Transformation Approach

here is a social focus that is often blurred in projects, and this can be the key to moving towards an economy that takes into account the environment and social inclusion.

At present, we can still see practices that accentuate inequalities between different population groups: Amazonian peoples are mostly exposed to discrimination; illiteracy affects 8.1% of Peruvian women aged 15 years and older, generating gaps that limit their autonomy and well-being:

  1. the rate of femicides is increasing annually, with 132 cases recorded in 2023.
  2. These vulnerable groups are also the most affected by the impacts of the climate crisis,
  3. Such as poverty and displacement or famine.
  4. Becoming a key element to build the path towards true sustainability.

For this reason, the Business Alliance for the Amazon developed the workshop "Intercultural Dialogue with a Gender Approach".

This first meeting was held in partnership with the Regional Government of San Martin, where they reflected together with different directorates and executing units on the importance of applying gender and intercultural approaches to improve the capacity for dialogue, respect and effectiveness in their work.

For a business to be truly sustainable in its three axes, economic, social and environmental, gender, interculturality and intersectionality approaches must be considered in its design and implementation.

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Failure to do so could further widen existing gaps, such as increasing economic income differences, limiting women's participation, increasing violence against women.

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Violating the cultural identity of the population involved, as may be the case of indigenous peoples, says Monica Hidalgo, coordinator of Gender and Rights-Based Approach at Conservation International.

This training is a first step to strengthen the capacities of the regional government in the mainstreaming and incorporation of these approaches in the services it offers. During the workshop, participants reflected on the origin of stereotypes and how they influence our relationship with other people.

It was also a space to analyze the different forms of discrimination, many times unconscious, and to deepen on how these approaches are useful tools to improve the effectiveness of the services offered by the government, as well as its relationship with the user population.

The Business Alliance for the Amazon will continue to promote these meetings in the different Amazon regions together with public and private institutions with the objective of guaranteeing the closing of gaps and facilitating access to different services with a gender and cultural approach.

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