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jueves, septiembre 28, 2023

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2022 ForexCup Trading Championship Finals, Launch of FTC 2023 Announced


2022 ForexCup Trading Championship

ForexCup, a high-tier trading championship, sponsored by FXOpen, is announcing the winner of the 2022 season, who successfully traded his way to over 800% gain on their initial deposit, claiming his $50,000 prize, together with a commemorative crystal trophy.

After another thrill-packed year-long run, ForexCup Trading Championship came to a close on December 31st 2022. Out of around 30 geographically diverse competing accounts, the top three winners demonstrated remarkable results:

Seyit Altuntas: 829.78% gain on the initial deposit (winner of $50,000 and a crystal trophy).

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Josue Nauzaya Ngingasa: 65.75% (received a personalized crystal trophy).

Ebru Goren: 56.88% (received a personalized crystal trophy).

Mr Altuntas, the first place winner, has today shared his impressions of winning the second FTC season: “Seeing my name at the top of the standings in this championship means everything to me, even more than the prize money. It is the best recognition of my professional abilities and the effort I have put into my journey as a trader. I am extremely grateful to FXOpen and the organizers who made this all possible!”

Gary Thomson, Chief Operating Officer of FXOpen UK, has a few words to share with traders and potential FTC winners: «First, we would like to extend our congratulations to the winners and participants alike, and thank them for their commitment to their craft. As the main partners of the contest, we were delighted to see that the FXOpen brand was able to attract so many talented experts in trading and motivate them to do their best. Could you be our next champion? Registration for FTC 2023 is open!»

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Registration for the FTC 2023 is now open, with around a dozen of new accounts having enrolled already, along with FTC 2022 leader, Mr Altuntas.

About ForexCup

ForexCup was founded in 2011 as an educational contest. Ten years on, after more than successfully fulfilling its mission, it launched the eponymous ForexCup Trading Championship, or the FTC. With the FTC, ForexCup aims to give experienced traders from all around the world the opportunity to improve their traders’ competence and skills on the foreign exchange market by competing with the strongest members of the community, to win real money — and also to use the Championship and the ForexCup platform to establish and promote their personal brand.

About FXOpen

With its solid 15-year presence in the Forex and CFD trading space, this broker is the ForexCup’s key partner and sponsor of the FTC.


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